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Show us which deviation you are most proud of. It can be a photo, a poem, a sculpture, a painting, etc.
Everything counts.

- Levia :heart:

Edit: So many comments! Let me know, if I forgot adding your artwork. :)

Art posted

Unxpected by Cranash64 Commission: May by ArunaWolf Smaug by Crystal-Firefly Touch of serenity by GalopaWXY Demonic lion (fragment) by Oladara Vanagandr by ARTClarissaAnna Solitude by Ventus-Fall Arayanna by PrentilStudios Art vs Artist by penguinpyro Lydian Blanket Guardian by Tunahai Fox Girl by Aidadaism Commission - 4 Character Lineup Painting by OllyChimera Morning Jog by JeuJeuBee Skyworld: Canyons by Ben-Delamore two_sides_of_one by Immerot Winter's coming by MartyDeath Boardwalk by hyenamoxie Little Red Riding Hood by theGrayStray Snowfox Angel (Commission) Polymer Clay by TinyMythicals My Unlucky Wednesday by irbi-art The dog is made of hands by rik-akeront Vayamon-Eartaia by Sia-the-Mawile Three Pups--Custom Painted Dog Figurines by MiniMynagerie The Potion Maker by Elyme Gnar by Mystalia Smoke and Scales by Mystalia The Black Dog by Aya-Lunar Atlantis by Fluffymausi-chan Lucifer by lapis-lazuri World of Xiu - Guardian - #1 by ZigiaInfinite Milestone by VoiceInForestShadow Seti, the Light of Stars by CrimzonLogic Milo Dragon Photo Holder by AmberHallows Here Comes a Thought by Fable-Amare Heaven's Spear by Art-By-Mel-DA Nymph by Olgola The Buddha's offering. by CodyOpulos Feline Balance by TrollGirl 90- Atomic Phoenix by DracoPhobos The Boy Witch by R-Aters Night Moon Goddess by Lmih Your Dreams Are Out There by Endaewen Step Through The Door by Endaewen Hanzo - Overwatch by Nairiai Gnomes by ayuttt Winter Encounter by putridCheese The Herdsman by shanarah You've me with a terrible fate haven't you? by Scottishartwolf Adventures in the Theatre Illuminata by Sound-of-Heaven Elvyra by damonteufel What did you say?! by GrandSACHI -Never alone- by ArinaAmeisu The Lucky One by Reptonic Battle of the Kings by Gontopia-Realm Endymion's Dream [The Ghosts in Flesh] by SeaCat2401 The Asprosophists by Aerozopher Welcome to my world by CamaroLp Novalis Caves (+Speedpaint) by LuckyLombaX Wicker and Brite concept art by Whisperspirit 'Rudolph' the Hellhound by KonanStarchaser Biomechanical Whale - animated by Iggy-design
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Hello everyone! :)

After an discussion I need to ask our group for any opinions:

Are videogames (and i mean only the games, without rating the people, who created them) some kind of art for you and/or even and inspiration for you?

Please vote here: legacyofleviathan.deviantart.c…

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Hello everyone!

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by :iconhontor:

November 27 was officially closed third Northwest convention role-playing and historical reconstruction - Drakkon 2011. This year I was the organizer of the art, and in the future I hope to maintain this tradition.
First and foremost, I want to thank all the authors, both Russian and foreign, for participation in the exhibition! Your consent and cooperation given to Novgorod holiday. A festival presented an unusual and beautiful show - "The exhibition of Dragons." Report of the exhibition will be shown on television, both local and central. Information about the exhibition appeared on many Russian resources.
Thanks to all who, having overcome the language barrier and lack of confidence, agreed to participate in the exhibition. This is very important for me because it was the first experience in organizing such an exhibition. Now I believe - not the last. Already there are plans for next year - to acquaint viewers with the phenomenon of furry art and furry culture, fantastic animals in art. In addition, I hope to get consent of the authors to further use of prints for non-commercial exhibitions: museums, schools, and universities. I consider it particularly important if the exhibition will see children and young people - in fact taste, imagination, love of art inculcated from childhood. And in the provincial cities such exhibition - the only chance to learn about similar trends in the art. Each exhibition will be accompanied by a photo report.

Photos from the festival. No viewers, because I'm photographed before closing time, when people were few. Previously, just did not have time.
Drakkon-2011 photo3 by DrakkonFestRussya Drakkon-2011 photo9 by DrakkonFestRussya Drakkon-2011 photo6 by DrakkonFestRussya Drakkon-2011 photo5 by DrakkonFestRussya Drakkon-2011 photo1 by DrakkonFestRussya Drakkon-2011 photo4 by DrakkonFestRussya

And a personal thanks to all the authors who participated in the exhibition:
Orixenus, lpeters, tetramera, MinnaSundberg, Shinerai, Isvoc, Itsredribbon, draconicaeaeon, AudioSonora, Black-Wing24, Pythosblaze, AlexandrFaolchu, The-SixthLeafClover, SashaWren, Katri-333, Atanata, Sunima, Bueshang, M4WiE, AlviaAlcedo, daga-ra, L-Archi, Neboveria, Kyrrahbird, Kieraux, Kamakru, PaintedKelpie, Esa82, Shiroi-art, BloodhoundOmega, Key-FeathersMLP, ZombieHun, kintsy, Zhendragon, RenePolumorfous, HaanPere, goosechimera, flaiil, Scaleeth, Spiralchasm, uialwen, YamiGriffin, arukore, Culpeo-Fox, Reyouke

Also, the authors have no gallery on Deviantarte:
Diss-airi, Voroniha

Also, I hope one day to persuade these wonderful authors.
If you're reading this - thank you for your work, for the beauty you create. I understand your concerns - in fact I was actually asking to trust a stranger. Entrust some really good work that dishonest people can abuse. I can not provide legal guarantees, only human. And also my name and reputation. It seems strange that a person is willing to invest their free energy, time and money to show someone else's creativity. But I think people should see this work, including children and youth. People spend money on fun. A pleasure for me - to do something important, something memorable.
Hope to see you in new projects:
kilara, Skysealer, Apsaravis, drachenmagier, 86Caskin, Hbruton, beastofoblivion, Rasa88, neondragon, akreon, sandara, :devñoyox:, AlectorFencer, weremoon, WhiteRaven90, caramitten, gugu-troll, Kezrek, TheFieldAlchemist, xdragonflyx, pallanoph, grzanka, Silvarn, ursulav, thornwolf, rah-bop, NukeRooster, c3rmen, Novawuff, vantid, KatieHofgard, RubisFirenos, PaineCryer, Foxiful, Vyrilien, Flying-Fox, Ahkahna, akeyla, vinree, FreShPAiNt, rinpoo-chuang

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